Common stove and oven faults

Stoves and ovens are made up of various basic and intricate parts. All it takes is for one of these parts to fail, and you could be without the use of one of your most important appliances. The good news is that a professional repair technician will be able to repair these problems with ease. […]

Essential dishwasher advice for best results

Life in Ottawa is as busy as it gets and we need all the help we can get when it comes to household chores. This is why so many Ottawa residents invest in dishwashers. Not only do they take care of all those dirty dishes, but the high water temperature ensures that your dishes are […]

4 Common washer problems

Ottawa residents agree that there is no doubt that your washer is one of the most important appliances. You might not use your washer every day, but it will more than earn its keep at least once a week. Just like any other appliance, problems can occur from time to time and washers are no […]

Why you need to clean the lint trap on your dryer

When it comes to maintaining your dryer, lint is one thing that should never be ignored. The heat and the tumbling motion of the dryer cause various clothing items and linen to shed fibers. Without a lint screen, these fibers can end up inside the machine which can cause a malfunction or even a fire […]

Maintain your washer to ensure best performance

Whether your washer is brand new or you have enjoyed using it for several years, it’s important to understand how regular maintenance will help prolong the life of your appliance. Maintaining your washer is more than simply cleaning the detergent dispenser area. Here are some essential washer maintenance tips. Level your washer Your washer is […]

Top fridge problems – From Ottawa’s Best Fridge Repair Company

Appliances like refrigerators have become more and more advanced over the years. Unfortunately, even though some great progress has been made in terms of technology, fridges still break down. Whether it’s a minor problem or something more serious, it’s important to have it taken care of promptly to avoid further damage. Here are some of […]

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