Prepare Your Kitchen Appliance for Ottawa’s Summer

Appliance maintenance can be practised in several different forms. At Capital Appliance Repair, we would say that getting your appliances ready for an impending season is one of the best examples out there of optimal appliance care. If you live in Ottawa, there are basically two major seasons that you’ll have to keep in mind. […]

Are Self-Cleaning Ovens a Good Investment?

Our professionals at Capital Appliance Repair have worked with all types of ovens. From visually-impressive wall ovens, to the more traditional ones, we’ve worked with every type and model imaginable. More recent ovens are truly some of the most impressive we have ever seen. This is particularly true for the many features that are available […]

Summer Is Here Soon! How to Keep Your Fridge Running in The Heat

Fridge maintenance is important throughout the year. However, taking care of your fridge is particularly important during the brutal summer months. At Capital Appliance Repair, we know better than anyone that summertime in Ottawa can get pretty darn hot sometimes. This is the kind of weather that can certainly put a strain on your appliances. […]

Clean your appliances naturally

When the holidays approach, we tend to focus as much on cleaning as we do decorating. The main reason being that we often welcome a number of guests during the festive season and we want our homes to look their best. In addition, if you clean your home from top to bottom before the holidays, […]

Don’t make these common fridge mistakes

With the holidays just around the corner, our refrigerators are about to work harder than they do throughout the year. All the more reason to take extra special care of this essential appliance and make sure that you avoid making these common mistakes. Forget to shut the door In a moment of haste, it’s easy […]

Fridge Maintenance Tips And Ideas

When the power goes out, we get a striking reminder of how much we rely on our refrigerators. Our fridges represent one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. In fact, you could make a pretty good case that it is the most important appliance in the kitchen. Try to see how much you […]

Common mistakes we make when doing laundry

Since we do laundry on such a frequent basis, it should mean that we are able to perform this chore without any difficulties. However, there are still a number of mistakes that many of us continue to make. These mistakes can result in excessive wear and tear which is obviously not what anyone wants. Too […]

Essential oven cleaning tips

When using your oven, you can be as careful as you like but dirt will still find its way inside. Whether due to a spill or simply regular use, your oven will need to be cleaned regularly. Failing to stick to a regular cleaning routine will mean that this dirt will build up and become […]

What type of dishwasher detergent should I use?

No matter how old or new your dishwasher is, it’s important to make sure that you are using the right detergent. Not all dishwashers are the same, and there are a number of factors that need to be considered before simply adding the suds and starting the wash cycle. Here are few tips to keep […]

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