Comparison: Electric Dryers vs. Gas Dryers

When you are on the hunt for a new dryer you’re going to have a couple of important decisions to make, but none of those decisions are as important as choosing the power source for your new dryer. As one of the premier appliance repair Ottawa-based companies around we have seen our fair share of […]

Why Does My Maytag Dryer Have an E1 Error Code?

In most cases, we turn our dryers on whenever we need them and we expect them to work as usual. However, we are not able to monitor the amount of wear and tear that takes place with every use. This means that, eventually, something is bound to go wrong and a part will need to […]

Washer And Dryer Maintenance Tips

When you stop to think about everything we put our washer and dryer through, it becomes clear that we demand a lot from these appliances. Unfortunately, we also tend to give them the least amount of attention on the maintenance end of things. At best, this kind of unintentional neglect can negatively impact the performance […]

Common problems that affect dryers

Like your washing machine, you depend on your dryer whenever you do laundry. After washing a load of laundry, your next instinct is to load your dryer. When your dryer does not get warm or doesn’t turn on, it can be extremely inconvenient. Here are a few common dryer problems that you may encounter. Not […]

Why you need to clean the lint trap on your dryer

When it comes to maintaining your dryer, lint is one thing that should never be ignored. The heat and the tumbling motion of the dryer cause various clothing items and linen to shed fibers. Without a lint screen, these fibers can end up inside the machine which can cause a malfunction or even a fire […]

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