Dryer Gets Too Hot

Dryers can get overheated. If a dryer gets too hot, it is better to be promptly responsive. Do not ignore an overheating dryer, especially if it happens more than once. Thousands of residential fires are caused by dryers every year. If you are not comfortable inspecting an overheating dryer or prefer professionals to take a closer look, call Capital Appliance Repair for same-day inspection and service through-out Ottawa.


Causes of Overheating Dryer

A dryer gets too hot if you overload it. Every dryer, irrespective of brand, type, and model, has a capacity. It is not programmed to dry an excessive load. You should also avoid very little load. Optimum load is necessary for effective and efficient functioning of any dryer. Regulate the load as per the instructions in the manual.

A dryer serves its purpose by using heat and airflow. The appliance regulates the heat and airflow to dry the load in a certain span of time, depending on the cycle and other settings chosen by a user. If there is excessive heat generated by the appliance, if the airflow is not normal, or both happen simultaneously, then your dryer will get too hot.


Airflow can get restricted. This could be due to overloading, or a clogged duct. The vent may be blocked too. Excessive lint and other types of buildup can lead to a clogged screen, and this will restrict airflow. Restricted airflow will make a dryer too hot. Clean the appliance, remove all debris, and maintain the dryer from time to time.

A dryer gets too hot if the thermostat malfunctions. The thermostat is programmed to turn off the heating element and regulate it as per the settings or the phase of a cycle. If the thermostat fails to turn off the heat, then the dryer will get too hot. A broken thermostat must be replaced, sooner than later. The heating element itself can malfunction. It can generate excessive heat, even though you may have chosen a certain cycle. Such a heating element should also be replaced. Our technicians can carry out comprehensive dryer repair and replace parts on the same day.

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