Dryer Is Squeaking

Dryer squeaking is a common complaint from homeowners. It can be caused by a variety of problems, but the most common cause of dryer squeak is simply that there is lint or debris built up inside. As the drum turns, it drags this material past metal and plastic components on its way to hitting the heating element, and the friction from this action causes a squeaking sound.

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Investigate the Cause of the Problem

Fixing a dryer that is squeaking is easy, but finding the cause of the squeak may be harder.
1. Look for Obvious Culprits – Inspect the drum inside your dryer for lint or debris around any metal or plastic parts. This will often be a good source to check if you hear a squeak every once in a while. If you find material lodged up against something, use a vacuum cleaner or other small tool to clean it out. This should fix most simple problems that involve removing built-up dust and lint.

2. Check the Drum Guide – The guide is a metal or plastic rail that runs along the inside of your dryer drum, and it keeps the drum centered as it rotates. Over time, these can become warped due to heat from the dryer, and it’s easy for them to get jammed up with lint as well

dryer is squeaking

3. Check for Exterior Damage – Just like your washing machine, your dryer drum’s exterior will get beat up over time simply from the heat it generates during each cycle and the natural wear and tear that comes with regular use. If you notice any significant dents or rips on the exterior of your dryer then it’s best to call in a professional to look at it because fixing this damage can be a complex one.

4. Use Dryer Sheets – If you’re not sure what’s causing your squeak but want a quick temporary solution, simply toss a few dryer sheets into your dryer before running it like normal for about 20 minutes (the scent will also help freshen things up). This may get rid of the squeak for good, or at least reduce it by a significant amount. The reason this works is because dryer sheets create an oily residue that gets deposited on the interior drum and prevents metal pieces from rubbing together and resulting in noise (do not do this with liquid fabric softener or you will cause a fire)

If your dryer is still squeaking and basic troubleshooting did not help, it is time to call in the experts! The problem could be something more technical such as a malfunctioning motor. Capital Appliance Repair guarantees a proper diagnosis and solution to your dryer issue. We are also able to order any parts that need to be replaced. Nothing is more important to us than getting your appliance back up and running again swiftly and efficiently.

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