Dryer Stops Turning During Cycle

If you start a dryer cycle and it never fully completes that cycle, there is an issue. Your clothing will eventually be dry, but you shouldn’t have to return to the machine every few minutes to restart it. There might be several reasons why your dryer stops mid cycle. Some of the most prevalent causes are: the appliance is overheating, condenser issues (including the condenser tray), faulty power connection or the door is opened during a cycle.

dryer stops turning during cycle

Investigate the Cause of the Problem

When a dryer stops in the middle of a cycle, it is often an indication that something is wrong. The most typical reason for this is that your clothing was drying and the dryer overheated. To avoid starting a fire, the dryer’s safety mechanisms were triggered and it was shut off. There may be more to this such as, the thermal fuse is a safety device that cuts off the electricity to the heating element if it can sense the dryer getting too hot. Unfortunately, the thermal fuse is a one-time-use component. This implies that when it trips due to overheating, you must replace it. Not doing so may result in the dryer not starting at all or operating but not heating up.

dryer repair service in Ottawa

Some people do not own a common vented dryer. Instead, they have ventless versions. For these types of dryers a condensation system is utilized. This implies that the moisture in your clothes has dried, but because there is no vent to expel the damp air, it will accumulate in a tray instead. If your dryer has a condensation system, it might be stopping mid cycle due to excessive condensation. The most common reason that condensation dryers fail in the middle is that the tray is full. To avoid overflowing, this tray must be emptied, ideally after each use. It is crucial to clean out the condenser tray so that it does not get clogged. If your dryer suddenly stops in the middle of a cycle, you should suspect that it isn’t receiving enough power. You should first inspect the cord. Is it completely inserted into the outlet? Is the wire in good shape? If the cord has started to melt or is cut, it must be changed.

If there is scorching around your electrical outlet, you should check the electricity in your home. It’s also conceivable that the fuse in the plug has tripped, or that the dryer has tripped the circuit breaker. If you notice that your dryer is drawing excessive current, it’s best to stop utilizing it until you discover why it’s doing so. As this issue is related to electricity, you will undoubtedly want to turn to a specialist for help. Replacing a fuse may seem simple, but attempting to solve further electrical problems may be hazardous if not done professionally.

Comprehensive Diagnosis Is Necessary

Your dryer is an important appliance in your household. It could be malfunctioning for a variety of reasons, which is why it’s important to get an expert opinion. Only an experienced technician with all of the necessary tools and hands-on expertise can properly diagnose the washer and identify the underlying issue.

At Capital Appliance Repair we service all of Ottawa and offer same day repairs! One phone call and our team will come to your location to assess the issue and repair the dryer on site. We like to make the process convenient for our clients, there is no need to take the appliance away and bring it back again, we provide diagnostics and repair at your location.

Our team of highly experienced technicians can repair and troubleshoot all dryer brands. From the power mechanism to condenser issues, you can trust us to get your appliance back up and running again in no time!

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