HAIER Appliance Repair

Haier has been around for more than a century and, like many other brands, it has had its ups and downs. By 2014, Haier became known as one of the leading white goods brands in the world. Their range includes cooking appliances, refrigerators and cleaning appliances. Regardless of the model you choose, you can be sure that your Haier appliance will make life that much easier. Of course, wear and tear affect all appliances and, when you need fast Haier appliance repairs, we at Capital Appliance Repair are always happy to help.

Haier appliance repair
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  • Highly trained experts and speedy service
  • 1-year warranty on all repairs
  • Same-day service offered 7 days a week
  • Dependable and long-lasting solutions
  • Professional repairs at unbeatable prices
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  • Bilingual technicians upon request
  • Proven track record of solving problems
  • Specialists with 15+ years of experience
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
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Expert Haier Appliance Repairs

Capital Appliance Repair technicians are trained, experienced and licensed to perform Haier repairs. No matter the appliance or the fault, we always arrive prepared with the right tools and various parts to perform repairs on the spot. All of our repairs are backed by our 1-year warranty and we are available throughout Ottawa 7 days a week.

While we focus on providing our clients with fast service throughout Ottawa, we also understand the importance of quality. Every appliance repaired by our team is backed by our satisfaction guarantee as well as a 1-year warranty. So, while we work quickly, we also pay close attention to detail in order to ensure that our repair work lasts. For reliable Haier appliance repairs, call Capital Appliance Repair at 1 613-454-1577.

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Haier Fridge Repair

At Capital Appliance Repair, we understand the vital role that your Haier fridge has to play. Without it, your food will spoil. If you notice a strange noise, leak or if your fridge no longer turns on, call us right away for urgent assistance.

Ottawa HAIER Appliance Repair - fridge repair ottawa
Common Haier Fridge Fault Codes
  • E0 - Poor connection between PCB board and display board
  • E1 - Freezer fan motor
  • E2 - Cooling fan motor
  • E5 - Damper control problem
  • Er - Ice maker fault
  • Ed - Defrost heating system fault
  • Eh - Humidity sensor
  • F1 - Refrigerator sensor R1 issue
  • F2 - Refrigerator sensor R2 issue
  • F3 - Environment sensor
  • F4 - Freezer sensor problem
  • F5 - Defrost sensor
  • F6 - Ice maker sensor
  • F7 - Ice maker sensor
  • F8 - Refrigerator sensor R2

Haier Stove Repair

Haier cooktops make cooking a breeze. Since they operate at high temperatures, it’s no wonder Haier cooktops require repairs from time to time. When you need reliable Haier cooktop repairs, call Capital Appliance Repair.

Ottawa HAIER Appliance Repair - Stove Repair

Haier Dishwasher Repair

Don’t let a faulty dishwasher ruin your day. Call Capital Appliance Repair and our team will be at your door before you know it. If your Haier dishwasher is making a strange noise, leaking or won’t turn on, we are here to help.

Ottawa HAIER Appliance Repair - dishwasher-repair

Haier Oven Repair

If your Haier oven or range is getting too hot or not hot enough, it’s time to call the professionals. Our technicians are familiar with all the inner workings of Haier appliances. We know how to diagnose and repair both common and uncommon problems.

Ottawa HAIER Appliance Repair - oven repair

Haier Washer Dryer Combo Repair

Washer dryer combos are great for saving space and they offer amazing functionality too. Of course, these appliances are more complex and definitely require professional repairs if they stop performing as they should. When you need speedy washer dryer combo repairs, you can always depend on us.

Ottawa HAIER Appliance Repair - washer repair
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