When your dryer stops working or if you notice even the slightest problem, it’s important to call a professional repair technician right away. We strongly recommend NOT using a faulty dryer until the problem has been fixed.

  • We offer SAME-DAY electric dryer repairs in Ottawa and surrounding areas
  • Available 7 DAYS A WEEK
  • Up to 1 YEAR WARRANTY on all dryer repairs!

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Dryer repairs should only be performed by an experienced and qualified professional. Whether you consider the problem to be minor or major, any kind of DIY approach can result in further damage or even fire. No matter how much time or money you think you can save by attempting repairs yourself, household appliances are far more complex than they once were and professionals can get the job done much faster. Our team of technicians has the experience and training required to perform quality same-day dryer repairs anywhere in Ottawa. Regardless of the brand or model, we know how to diagnose and perform repairs promptly so that you avoid any unnecessary delays.

Over and above our fast service, we also provide every customer with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we cover most repairs with a warranty to ensure your peace of mind. Our prompt and professional technicians are available 7 days a week for your convenience.

Common dryer problems

Don’t let a defunct dryer ruin your day – enlist the help of Capital Appliance Repair to get your dryer up and running again! There’s no need to resign yourself to hanging every clothing item to dry – get your laundry warm and fluffy with the help of the appliance experts at Capital Appliance.

Dryer Brands We Repair

Contact us today! Call 1 613-454-1577to repair your dryer. We ave experience repairing many different dryer brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer same day dryer repairs?

    A. Our technicians arrive swiftly anywhere in Ottawa and we come prepared with parts and tools to get straight to work.

Q. Do you do gas dryer repairs?

    A. Unfortunately, we do NOT at the moment.

Q. How to clean dye transfer off my dryer drum?

    A. This is a common problem and all you need to do is make a paste with some laundry detergent (the powdered variety) and warm water. Rub this paste on the inside of the drum before wiping off the residue. Load with clean towels or clothes and run a dry cycle to dry out the drum after cleaning.

Q. When should I clean the lint trap?

    A. Built-up lint is a serious fire risk. Avoid this danger by cleaning out the lint trap after every cycle.

Q. Why is my dryer's cycle taking so long?

    A. The first main reason for this is overloading. If there are too many clothes in your dryer, it will take that much longer for them to dry. Try lighter loads and, if this does not solve the problem, call a technician.

Q. What's that scraping noise coming from my dryer?

    A. Your dryer will never run silently but if you notice a noise during the middle of the dry cycle, you should pause to investigate. There might be a foreign object in the drum or there could be something more serious like worn rollers, gliders, or a damaged belt. These problems are best solved by a professional.

Q. Why don't my clothes smell fresh after drying?

    A. If your clothes don't smell so good after a tumble around in your dryer, you can try adding bounce sheets to each cycle to freshen them up. Alternatively, consider using baby wipes with a drop or two of a fragrant essential oil.

Q. Have I overloaded my dryer?

    A. The easiest way of determining whether or not your dryer is overloaded is by inspecting your clothes after the cycle. If they are damp or wrinkled, you should opt for a lighter load next time.

Q. Why isn't my dryer spinning properly?

    A. This could be due to a bad dryer belt. Replacing this part is a bit tricky and is best left to the professionals.

Q. Why won't my dryer start?

    A. The cause of this problem could be as simple as the door switch or there could be a motor issue. Again, diagnosing and repairing these kinds of problems is the job for a trained and qualified expert.

Q. Why is my dryer not drying my clothes?

    A. If your clothes are taking really long to dry, your dryer could have a troublesome venting hose. If this hose is even partially blocked, it can affect how fast your clothes dry.

Q. Can I use my faulty dryer?

    A. A faulty dryer could present a fire risk. Using a faulty dryer puts you, your home, and your loved ones at risk should a fire occur. Even if there is no fire, your laundry could get damaged if your dryer is not in proper working order. It's best to hang that laundry up for now and wait for the repair expert to diagnose and fix the issue.

Q. What to do if my dryer breaks soon after repairs?

    A. If our team has recently performed dryer repairs and your appliance experiences the same problem, call us right away. Our satisfaction guarantee covers all appliance repairs and we always work swiftly to remedy any problem.

Q. How can I speed up dryer repairs?

    A. The best thing to do in order to help our technicians work quickly is to remove all clothing from your dryer. Make sure that there are no other items that could get in the way – like a laundry basket. A clear area makes it that much easier to get straight to work. Avoid attempting repairs yourself. You could make things worse and repairs will end up taking even longer and they could cost more if you damage any other parts in the process.

Q. What to do if my dryer needs a new part?

    A. We always stock our vans with a variety of parts that might come in handy. We start by diagnosing the problem and then we consult with the client and advise regarding the necessary work and parts. Should any parts need to be ordered, we will also advise in this regard.

Q. Will my dryer be repaired right away?

    A. If we have all the necessary parts on hand, we can complete repairs on the spot. If there are any parts that need to be ordered, we will advise on the timeframe before proceeding.

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