Stove Element Is Smoking Or Burning Out

It could be one of two things: either the element has shorted out and needs to be replaced or the electrical connection inside the unit is overheating. Either way, this is a hazardous situation and should be fixed as soon as possible by a professional.

stove element is smoking


Comprehensive Inspection is Necessary

Before making any repairs make sure the power is off to your stove at both the breaker and the switch (if it has one). An element that is shorted will produce heat but never get hot enough to glow; if it gets hot enough to glow it is not shorted. This element will also feel warm to the touch before glowing. If the power is off at both the breaker and switch, but your element is glowing red hot, this means that its electrical connection has burned in a way that makes it impossible for electricity to flow.

Another common cause is unclean burners, your stove may also produce smoke. If the burner has food residue or grime on it, for example, when the stove is switched on, it may produce smoke. Dirt and grease that are not visible at first might become apparent through unwanted smoke.

Repairing a stove can be dangerous if not done correctly. If simply cleaning your stove element thoroughly is not fixing the smoking and burning, it is definitely best to let a professional take care of it. At Capital Appliance Repair, we have the knowledge needed to be ultra-careful when handling electricity and gas.

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