Danby Appliance Repair


Danby is known for its appliances’ long life-span. Both durable and reliable, this high-quality brand claims the largest market share in the compact appliance category in North America. Founded in 1947, in Montreal, Quebec, this Canadian appliance company manufactures refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers, stoves, among other products. Valued for its specialization to fit any space, this company is credited for continually evolving the functionality and innovative features of their appliances. In fact, Danby is currently the leading refrigeration and specialty appliance company in North America. That said, as with any tech product, all appliances eventually experience some amount of wear and tear. How you manage this situation determines the longevity of your appliance. Sometimes maintenance or repairs are all it takes to bring an old or malfunctioning appliance back to its prime. At Capital Appliance Repair, our team is experienced and fully trained in providing Danby appliance repairs throughout Vancouver.


Why choose Capital Appliance Repair for your Danby appliance?

Appliances are an investment. And if maintained well, they can provide you with a great return on investment. The problem is, sometimes some things, like technological malfunctions, are out of your control. When that, or anything similar, happens, you want the best of the best at your door. Call Capital Appliance Repair for fast Danby appliance repairs 7 days a week throughout Vancouver. Our team always comes prepared with the right tools and parts to get the job done on the spot! Backed by our satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that all repairs are done with absolute care and precision.


Danby Refrigerator Repairs

If your Danby refrigerator malfunctions or stops working altogether, give us a call right away! Be sure to keep the fridge door closed while you wait for our speedy technicians to arrive. Not only will we be able to diagnose the issue, we come prepared to perform repairs on the spot! Give us a call for Danby refrigerator repairs anywhere in Vancouver.


Danby Stove Repairs

Faulty stove stopping you from whipping up a delicious meal? Fear not! Our speedy Danby stove repairs in Vancouver are just what you need to get this appliance back in working order so that you don’t have to order take-out.


Danby Dishwasher Repairs

Dishwashers are a convenience that once you experience, you won’t want to live without. If your Danby dishwasher is leaking, acting up, or simply not working, contact our team right away for a quick and efficient repair. No matter the age or model, our team will get to the bottom of the problem and perform its solution right then and there.


Danby Washer Repairs

Washers take a time-consuming task and reduce the workload. Having it malfunction or break down is more than just inconvenient. Imagine hand-washing your clothes or going down to the laundromat and being forced to wait there while the cycle finishes. Don’t put yourself through that madness. When you need urgent Danby washer repairs, you can depend on Capital Appliance Repair!


Danby Dryer Repairs

Your dryer is just as useful as your washer. Losing it means air drying your clothes, which could take hours – if not days. So don’t hesitate to call Capital Appliance Repair at the first sight of abnormal behaviour. Our team will arrive with the tools and various parts to perform Danby dryer repairs on the spot!


Fast Danby Appliance Repairs

When an appliance malfunctions or breaks down, we at Capital Appliance Repair understand the importance and urgency of getting it back in working order. Whatever the issue, whatever the Danby appliance, you can depend on us for speedy and efficient repairs!


Danby Fault Codes

Fault codes, or error codes, often appear to indicate a problem with the appliance that needs fixing. Below you will see examples of some of the Danby dishwasher error codes.


E1 – Not enough water getting into unit

This could mean that the water source isn’t turned on, water intake of the dishwasher is restricted or the water pressure is too low.


E3 – Not reaching correct temperature

This generally means that there is some sort of malfunction of the heating element of the dishwasher.


E4 – Water overflow

This error code occurs when there is a malfunction with the drain or it is backed up and the clog itself needs to be drained.


Ed – Control board malfunction

If you see this, then that means there is an internal communication error.

Oftentimes, if an appliance displays any error code a power reset may fix the issue. Try unplugging the appliance and wait approximately 5 minutes before plugging the unit back in. However, if that doesn’t work, or if you’re uncertain about the error code – and what it means – whatever the problem may be, our team at Capital Appliance Repair will be right to help diagnose as well as solve the issue.

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