Fridge Is Inconsistently Cold

Refrigerators are a must-have electrical appliance for every home. It keeps water and ice cold but most importantly it preserves food and produce and protects them from going bad. In reality, it’s probably the most essential appliance in your kitchen. What if your refrigerator stopped working and then started up again? It may appear to be a malfunction, but you should keep an eye out for dire damage. Overload switches, thermostats, fans, and timers are all incorporated into modern refrigerators to improve the cooling process. If your fridge is cooling inconsistently this is definitely a cause for concern and some common issues that may be causing this are: the breakers are malfunctioning, the main plug, issues with the thermostat, dust build up or excessive ice build up.

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Investigate the Cause of the Problem

Commonly majority of households are equipped with a 20 ampere circuited fridge. However for older homes, the fridge may be routed through the regular circuit breaker. Keeping this in mind, the circuit breaker failure might cause the appliance to briefly switch off and on, so if the circuit breaker trips, you will have to turn it on manually. In some situations, you may even have to replace the fuse. There’s a good chance the plug is broken if you replace the fuse and the breaker doesn’t trip. That’s because if the plug is loose, the output of electricity will be reduced. With this in mind, you should try plugging in a lamp and seeing whether it receives enough (and uninterrupted) power. You should inspect the power cable since if it is damaged, the power relay will be affected. The wiring may be shorted in the case of a damaged power cable, resulting in a rapid power outage and recovery which would explain the inconsistent cooling. If the power cable is not fixed or replaced, it can cause a fire. As a result, always use a new power cord rather than one that is faulty. It is always a good idea to call in an expert to take a look and assess the scenario. In terms of the thermostat, If the thermostat is adjusted incorrectly, the fridge will turn off and turn on again when the temperature increases.

fridge is inconsistently cold

The compressors are responsible for providing power for the cooling process. To see if the thermostat is the issue, try setting it at a lower setting and see if the issue is resolved. The fridge’s operation will be impacted if there is dust build-up in the coils. It can also cause a compressor failure because the compressor heats up excessively over time. As a result, the motor will overheat, resulting in erratic and inefficient operation. In this situation, a vacuum hose is used to remove dust and debris from the coils. Removing the attachment in front of the vacuum sucks in all of the dust. It’s a simple procedure, but it’s very effective. If you have an older fridge model, ice buildup around the freezer section and coils is probable and may hamper functionality. With all of this in mind, the build-up of ice will have a detrimental influence on the functioning of your refrigerator.

As a result, it would be ideal if you defrosted the entire fridge and freezer compartment to ensure uninterrupted operation. You use a hairdryer to help speed up the process to defrost the excess ice. It is always advisable to call in an experienced professional to troubleshoot your appliance.

Comprehensive Diagnosis Is Necessary

Your fridge undoubtedly is one of the most important appliances in your home. It could be malfunctioning for a variety of reasons, which is why it’s important to get an expert opinion. Only an experienced technician with all of the necessary tools and hands-on expertise can properly diagnose the fridge and identify the underlying issue.

At Capital Appliance Repair we service all of Ottawa and offer same day repairs! One phone call and our team will come to your location to assess the issue and repair the fridge on site. We like to make the process convenient for our clients, there is no need to take the appliance away and bring it back again, we provide diagnostics and repair at your location.

Our team of highly experienced technicians can repair and troubleshoot all refrigerator brands. From broken fuses to damaged thermostats you can trust us to get your appliance back up and running again in no time!

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