Avantgarde Appliance Repair

Food storage is all about maintaining the right conditions. Refrigerating foods and wine is the best way of keeping them at the appropriate temperature and thereby safe for consumption. Like all of their other products, their vents are popular kitchen appliances. Avantgarde appliances are known for their attractive design and quality. This does not make them immune to wear and tear. So, when you need professional Avantgarde appliance repairs, you can depend on Capital Appliance Repair.

Why Capital Appliance Repair for Avantgarde Appliance Repairs?

Avantgarde is known for producing quality appliances that are made to last. Even the most well-made appliances experience wear and tear. Which is why you need professional appliance repairs to extend the life of your Avantgarde appliance. At Capital Appliance Repair, all of our work is covered by a 1-year warranty. We are available throughout Ottawa 7 days a week and we always come prepared with parts and tools for on-site repairs.

Avantgarde Refrigerator Repairs

Known and loved for their quality and design, Avantgarde refrigerators are made to last. Like other brands, Avantgarde refrigerators also work day and night to keep your food fresh. If your fridge stops working or if you notice a leak or strange noise, contact our technicians right away.

Avantgarde Vent Repairs

Avantgarde vents work hard to keep odours, steam and grease from filling your kitchen and the rest of your home. Of course, with all that hard work, wear and tear are bound to occur. When it does, our team will be there to perform speedy repairs when you need it the most!

Avantgarde Wine Coolers Repairs

Like their refrigerators, Avantgarde wine coolers are known for their aesthetic appeal and durable design. If your wine cooler is not keeping your most precious bottles at the right temperature or if you notice any other problems, contact our technicians right away for prompt assistance.

Call Capital Appliance Repair for Avantgarde appliances

No matter where you are in Ottawa, you can always depend on our technicians to arrive quickly and prepared. We stock our vans with the necessary parts and tools to perform repairs on site and without delay. No matter the fault or the model of your Avantgarde appliance, we are always happy to help. Call us at 1 613-454-1577.
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