Prepare Your Kitchen Appliance for Ottawa’s Summer

Appliance maintenance can be practised in several different forms. At Capital Appliance Repair, we would say that getting your appliances ready for an impending season is one of the best examples out there of optimal appliance care. If you live in Ottawa, there are basically two major seasons that you’ll have to keep in mind. […]

Dishwashers: Repair or Replacement

Dishwasher repair isn’t really something that makes us click our heels with excitement. We can choose to make the repairs ourselves, which can be highly problematic as it could lead to additional problems. The better option is to bring in our experts at Capital Appliance Repair. The third option is to have the dishwasher replaced […]

Are Self-Cleaning Ovens a Good Investment?

Our professionals at Capital Appliance Repair have worked with all types of ovens. From visually-impressive wall ovens, to the more traditional ones, we’ve worked with every type and model imaginable. More recent ovens are truly some of the most impressive we have ever seen. This is particularly true for the many features that are available […]

Summer Is Here Soon! How to Keep Your Fridge Running in The Heat

Fridge maintenance is important throughout the year. However, taking care of your fridge is particularly important during the brutal summer months. At Capital Appliance Repair, we know better than anyone that summertime in Ottawa can get pretty darn hot sometimes. This is the kind of weather that can certainly put a strain on your appliances. […]

The Beauty of Appliance Repair Over Appliance Replacement

The need for comprehensive appliance repair services is something all of us should keep in mind. At Capital Appliance Repair, you can come to us for any repair needs you may have with the appliances in your home. Our experience covers all kinds of makes and models, and we can also help you with maintenance […]

Your Local Appliance Repair Ottawa Company

When it comes to appliance repair Ottawa needs, you deserve to have the best experience possible. At Capital Appliance Repair, we can promise you a speedy resolution to virtually any appliance problem. From performing maintenance work on an aging dishwasher, to helping you figure out why your fridge won’t cool, we can help. Our experience […]

Everything About Dishwasher Repair Ottawa

When it comes to our dishwasher repair Ottawa services, you can count on Capital Appliance Repair for anything. No one wants to deal with a dishwasher on the blink. We often take these essential appliances for granted. Wash a sink full of filthy dishes by hand for a couple of days. You will certainly come […]

Common Problems With Fridge Ice Maker

Fridge ice maker problems are common. At Capital Appliance Repair, you can be sure our experience is significant with fridge problems, as well as all types of fridge repair concerns. One of the most common problems we come across concerns the subject of your refrigerator’s ice maker. This is one of the most popular features […]

Why Fridge Stopped Cooling

If your fridge won’t cool, relax! While this is definitely a fridge repair problem that you want to deal with as quickly as possible, this is still one of the most common fridge issues around. This can make getting a specific diagnosis for the problem a little frustrating, which is why many people turn to […]

Clean your appliances naturally

When the holidays approach, we tend to focus as much on cleaning as we do decorating. The main reason being that we often welcome a number of guests during the festive season and we want our homes to look their best. In addition, if you clean your home from top to bottom before the holidays, […]

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