Common problems that affect dryers

Common problems that affect dryers

Like your washing machine, you depend on your dryer whenever you do laundry. After washing a load of laundry, your next instinct is to load your dryer. When your dryer does not get warm or doesn't turn on, it can be extremely inconvenient. Here are a few common dryer problems that you may encounter.

Not turning on
After loading your dryer and pressing all the right buttons, you would expect your dryer to turn on. If this is not the case, you might be inclined to call a repair technician right away. Before you do, it's best to check your electric supply first. You should also check the plug you're using by plugging in another (small) appliance to test it. If there is no problem with your power supply or plug, then there could be any number of reasons behind this sort of problem. From something as simple as a fuse to a more complex issue – it's best to call a professional technician.

Not warm
Once your dryer starts to turn, you should almost immediately start to feel the heat coming from the appliance. If you don't notice your dryer getting warmer, your laundry will not dry of course. Your dryer will turn as per usual, and you most likely will not hear or notice any other signs of problems. Some possible causes of this problem include a faulty heating element, wiring problems, a bad thermal fuse or ignitor. It is always a good idea to have a professional repair your dryer before you use it again.

Strange noises
Even if your dryer is brand new, you will still notice a slight noise when it's on. However, there are some noises that could be cause for concern. If you hear a buzzing noise and the drum does not turn, it could mean that the motor has seized. If there are loud noises or your dryer shakes a lot, it could be that the parts supporting the drum are worn. Squeaking before the drum starts to turn is normal, but this should not continue, or it could be due to worn bearings. While this is not usually a major problem, it can result in further damage if left unchecked.

Not tumbling
If your dryer does not turn, but it turns on, and it generates heat, there could be an issue with the belt, motor, or other support parts. Excessive wear of these parts causes them to break, and this can result in your laundry not drying properly or even becoming damaged in the process. If you notice a buzzing noise, the motor might have seized. No matter the possible cause of the problem, it's always best to turn your dryer off, remove your laundry and call a professional repair technician.

Clothing wrinkled
If your clothes are coming our wrinkled, it could be because you have left them in the dryer for too long after the cycle has finished. Also, overloading your dryer can also result in wrinkled laundry. If you split your loads up, it will help move things along faster, and you won't need to worry about too much ironing (if any at all).

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