Why Fridge Stopped Cooling

Why Fridge Stopped Cooling

If your fridge won’t cool, relax! While this is definitely a fridge repair problem that you want to deal with as quickly as possible, this is still one of the most common fridge issues around. This can make getting a specific diagnosis for the problem a little frustrating, which is why many people turn to our fridge maintenance pros at Capital Appliance Repair. While we can help with all problems great and small, we also think a little information can be just as valuable as knowing where to go for fridge repair/maintenance demands in Ottawa.

To that end, let’s take a look at the “fridge won’t cool” issue in a broader light. There are a number of potential causes to this problem. A number of these issues can be handled on your own. It sometimes simply comes down to the fact that your fridge is in need of a good cleaning.

Other times, it can be something a little more serious. At that point, we are only too happy to step in and deal with your situation in short order.

Why Has My Fridge Stopped Cooling?

While it’s important to remember that different fridges can experience common fridge issues in slightly differing ways, the notion of “common issues” remains. It doesn’t automatically mean that you need to turn to a pricey fridge repair solution. In some situations, simple fridge maintenance is going to address your concerns with ease.

Here are some of the most common fridge stopped cooling issues:

  • Dirty condenser coil issues: This is one of the most common culprits of a fridge that isn’t cooling. You can usually find these under your fridge. If they are dirty, they won’t be able to dissipate heat as they are meant to do. This can impact performance, which can lead to something like a fridge that won’t cool. If your condensers are dirty, take a few minutes to clean them with a cloth and some soapy water.
  • Condenser fan motor issues: Condenser fan motors are responsible for moving air through your condenser coils and over your compressor. If your fan motor isn’t working properly, then your fridge won’t be able to cool properly. You can test the fan motor on your own. Check the fan motor for any obstacles. You can also try turning it by hand. If the blade doesn’t spin freely, have it replaced. If the blade spins despite obstacles, a multi-meter can test for continuity. If it fails this test, have the motor replaced. For all of this, you may want to consider hiring fridge maintenance experts.
  • Evaporator fan motor issues: If your evaporator fan isn’t working, your fridge is going to struggle to stay cool. This is a problem in which your fridge feels like it’s lacking on the cool side of things, but your freezer feels perfectly normal. You can check and/or replace this motor on your own, but it can be difficult, tedious work.
  • Start relay issues: Your start relay works alongside your start winding, in terms of firing up your compressor. If the start relay doesn’t work, your compressor may cease working, which impacts the way your fridge works. Between the run and start sockets, a multi-meter can test the continuity. If the start relay fails a continuity test, then you will need to have it replaced.

How To Get Your Fridge Cool Again

A lot of common fridge issues can be solved by replacing one or several specific parts. You can see examples of this fridge maintenance fact above. Some of these can be handled easily by the owner. Others are best left to experts who can ensure everything goes smoothly the first time around. Regardless of what you decide, our fridge repair experts at Capital Appliance Repair can help.

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