Common mistakes we make when doing laundry

Common mistakes we make when doing laundry

Since we do laundry on such a frequent basis, it should mean that we are able to perform this chore without any difficulties. However, there are still a number of mistakes that many of us continue to make. These mistakes can result in excessive wear and tear which is obviously not what anyone wants.

Too much detergent
More soap does not mean that your laundry will come out cleaner. If you use too much, it can remain on your clothes even after several rinse cycles. Harder water needs more soap so make sure you test your water.

Scrubbing stains
In some cases, pre-wash stain removal can be beneficial. However, if you scrub the stain, it can make it worse. It's often best to apply some detergent to the stain and allowing it to sit before washing.

Ignoring label
Each item of clothing should have a label with washing instructions. Make sure that you set the washer to the correct temperature as per the label. This will ensure that your clothes come out clean and undamaged.

Trying to squeeze all of your laundry into the machine at once will not only mean that your clothes don't come out as clean as they should, but it also makes your washer work extra hard. Extra laundry means extra weight and added wear and tear. Split your laundry up instead. This might mean that it takes longer to do all of your laundry, but the results will be more than worthwhile.

Zippers and buttons
Make sure that you zip up all your garments with zippers and undo any buttons. This helps protect your clothing and your washer. Don't wash delicate items with clothing that has zippers or they could snag and damage the delicate garments.

Not on level ground
When your washer starts to spin, it will shake violently if it's not level. Make sure that you adjust your washer and check it regularly. Even if you do level it today, it could become unlevel again in a few weeks or months.

Neglecting to clean your washer
Although your washer uses water and soap during each cycle, it still needs to be cleaned regularly. This will help remove any build up of soap, debris, or lint and ensure that your washer works well and that your laundry always comes out smelling fresh and clean.

Leaving your washer plugged in
It might seem convenient to keep your washer plugged in, but this means that electricity is permanently running to the appliance even if you turn it off. This can cause serious electronic problems due to voltage fluctuations. Unplug your washer and only plug it in when you need to use it.

By keeping these common mistakes in mind, you can make a conscious effort to avoid them. This will help keep your washer in great working order, and you will love the results with every load you wash. Should you need professional washer repairs in Ottawa, contact Capital Appliance Repair at (613) 454-1577.

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