Dishwasher Is Not Turning Off

Loaded and started the dishwasher only to come back several hours later to find that it is still running? If this is the case then there may be something wrong with the appliance. There are a few factors as to why your dishwasher may be malfunctioning like this. Some common factors are: the time motor, the heater element, the thermostat or the float switch. It’s generally advised to hire a professional to inspect it.

dishwasher is not turning off

Investigate the Cause of the Problem

A timer motor controls your dishwasher’s cycles. It dictates everything from start to finish, and it changes the machine at appropriate intervals for filling, heating, washing, rinsing, and drying. If your appliance won’t turn off, there’s a possibility that your timer motor is faulty. Your dishwasher is a highly efficient piece of equipment. Each cycle begins with the one that came before it, thus if the water isn’t hot enough, it will be trapped in the heating stage and never advance to the washing stage. If this happens or you find undissolved detergent, your heater element may be faulty. If the thermostat does not signal the timer that the dishwasher is ready for the next cycle, the washer will keep heating the water and won’t stop running. The float switch mechanism is in charge of activating the float switch, which fills and drains the dishwasher, if the float switch is malfunctioning it can keep the dishwasher running.

dishwasher same day repairs Ottawa

Comprehensive Diagnosis Is Necessary

When your dishwasher is not running properly, this can create panic in the household. This may be happening for a variety of reasons, which is why it’s important to get an expert opinion. Only an experienced technician with all of the necessary tools and hands-on expertise can properly diagnose the dishwasher and identify the underlying issue.

At Capital Appliance Repair we service all of Ottawa and offer same day repairs! One phone call and our team will come to your location to assess the issue and repair the dishwasher on site. We like to make the process convenient for our clients, there is no need to take the appliance away and bring it back again, we provide diagnostics and repair at your location.

Our team of highly experienced technicians can repair and troubleshoot all dishwasher brands. From error codes to faulty water supply lines you can trust us to get your appliance back up and running again in no time!

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