Common Problems With Fridge Ice Maker

Common Problems With Fridge Ice Maker

Fridge ice maker problems are common. At Capital Appliance Repair, you can be sure our experience is significant with fridge problems, as well as all types of fridge repair concerns. One of the most common problems we come across concerns the subject of your refrigerator’s ice maker. This is one of the most popular features on fridges. Unfortunately, it is also a feature that is prone to a number of problems. While you can always use ice cube trays in a pinch, no one really likes to use them. That’s why you bought a fridge with an ice maker.

Thankfully, while a lot of things can go wrong with your fridge’s ice maker, there are also a number of useful solutions that you can keep in mind.

Common Problems And Solutions For Your Ice Maker

If you run into some of these problems, remember that you can always come to Capital Appliance Repair for all of your fridge repair needs. As far as fridge problems are concerned, we can handle anything you may be experiencing. However, many of these problems have solutions that can at least be attempted on your own.

Here are some common fridge ice maker problems:

  • Ice maker has stopped working: This is obviously the most common problem, and there are a number of different potential solutions that you can explore. The first thing you are going to want to do is check the control arm. It might be out of position. You can also make sure the water supply valve is working correctly. There is also the possibility of a clogged filter, or there could be a problem with a clogged or broken inlet valve.
  • Failing to make ice: If none of the above seem to be the cause of your woes, then it might be a frozen water line. Unplug your fridge, turn off the water supply, and set about the task of dealing with one of the most common fridge repair demands. Believe it or not, but applying a hair dryer to the line can work wonders.
  • Not making enough ice: This is another common example of fridge problems. This is actually the stage an ice maker usually gets to when the line is still in the process of freezing. If this happens to be the case, check the line. Defrosting the line at this stage is usually a lot easier, as opposed to defrosting it later on.
  • Ice maker is leaking: If your ice maker is making ice, but leaking into the freezer, or even leaking onto the floor, you certainly have a problem. Check the fridge to make sure it is absolutely level. Make sure the ice maker unit is level, as well. Damage, pinches, or kinks in the water line could be causing the leaks, or the fill cup isn’t correctly aligned with your water funnel.
  • Frozen ice maker: When it comes to a problem such as this, you will want to make sure the thermostat has been set to the recommended setting of the manufacturer. If the thermostat is set too low, the water is going to freeze, long before it reaches the mold.


All of the above problems have solutions that are pretty straightforward. Consider trying them, before you call in the experts at Capital Appliance Repair. While we can deal with any fridge problems you might be experiencing, there are always problems you can handle on your own, while saving a few bucks in the process.

Nonetheless, if you are still having problems with the ice maker inside your fridge, don’t panic. We can address the problem quickly, and make sure your freezer is back to making ice at the frequency and quality you expect.

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