Prepare Your Kitchen Appliance for Ottawa’s Summer

Prepare Your Kitchen Appliance for Ottawa’s Summer

Appliance maintenance can be practised in several different forms. At Capital Appliance Repair, we would say that getting your appliances ready for an impending season is one of the best examples out there of optimal appliance care. If you live in Ottawa, there are basically two major seasons that you’ll have to keep in mind. While spring and fall are not without their appeal, as well as certain seasonal challenges, most Ottawa residents know that winter and summer are the two major seasons in this extraordinary, diverse city.

If you are new to Ottawa, it might be a good idea to get a sense of what you should expect! This is definitely an aspect to appliance maintenance that you are going to want to keep in mind.

What Is Summer Like in Ottawa?

The cold winters of Ottawa are definitely not very friendly. Ottawa is home to some of the most intense winters found anywhere in Canada. There are a lot of things you can do, in terms of getting your home ready for winter in Ottawa, but there will always be icy temperatures, lots of snow, and some pretty bitter winds.

That’s not the whole story of weather in Ottawa. The city exists in a region that enjoys what we refer to as a semi-continental climate. This means that Ottawa’s seasons are pretty distinctive from one another. This gives you vicious winters, but also hot summers - especially around July and August.

What does this have to do with appliance maintenance? As you are going to find, there are a lot of things about Ottawa summers that should influence how you approach caring for your appliances. A hot summer can mean a lot of things. For many of your kitchen appliances, it means working overtime. It seems pretty likely that your dishwasher is going to go through a lot, too.

Tips to Get Your Appliances Ready for An Ottawa Summer

Here are some suggestions for summer appliance maintenance in Ottawa that will ensure your appliances last through the best and worst of the season. Some of these tips are also designed to help you make sure your kitchen is ready for anything:

  • Hot trash: Is your kitchen garbage frequently marked by gross stains, unpleasant odors, and sticky surfaces? If you think those things are unpleasant during the fall or winter, try to imagine how much of a problem they are going to be when the warmer months roll around. Your kitchen and outdoor waste containers should be scrubbed on a semi-regular basis during the summer. This will keep bugs and other undesirables out of your space.
  • Clearing out the pantry: Spring cleaning can come in a variety of different forms. Before summer starts off, make it a point to clear out the containers, foods, and other items that have been clogging up your pantry since late fall.
  • Your freezer: In terms of appliance maintenance, making sure your freezer is functional should be at the top of the list. Maintenance in this arena doesn’t have to be anything too severe. You just need to make sure your freezer isn’t becoming a mass of ice. This will make storage difficult, and it also drains your fridge to a pretty painful, dangerous degree. Make it a habit to manually defrost your freezer before summer. You may have to do it one more time before the season comes to an end.
  • The little things: A lot of appliance maintenance tips for summer really come down to common sense. Open the fridge as little as possible, since doing so brings warm air into the cold space. If the power goes out, try to avoid opening the fridge at all. Don’t overload the dishwasher. The last thing anyone really wants to deal with is a sink full of filthy dishes in the middle of August!

You may even want to have your appliances inspected before the summer season gets started. This is a good way to ensure you don’t run into any problems, particularly those that seem to come along at the worst possible time!

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