Appliance Repair Arnprior

Appliance Repair Arnprior

Whenever we spend money, we expect the item we paid for to last for a certain amount of time. Appliances are an excellent example of this. When you purchase a fridge, it really is more like an investment. The last thing that you will want to consider is having to repair it at some stage. Of course, you cannot predict when an appliance will need repairs, but you can be prepared by keeping the phone number of a trusted Amprior appliance repair technician on hand. It's also a good idea to do everything you can to maintain your appliances so that they are not quite as prone to wear and tear or excessive damage. Each appliance is different and will require a different maintenance schedule.

Maintaining your refrigerator

Since your fridge is likely to be one of the most important appliances of all, it makes sense to pay close attention to how it's working and if it requires any care or cleaning. Apart from cleaning your fridge inside, you can also clean the exterior. The coils on the back of your fridge are designed to help get rid of heat and keep your fridge cool. Use your vacuum cleaner and the brush attachment to clean these coils and make your fridge more efficient. You can also clean out the drip tray and check to make sure that the drain hose is not blocked. Inspect the door gaskets for wear or damage. You can also test the seal by using a banknote - simply place the note in the door and shut it, then try to remove the note without opening the door. If it comes out, you should replace the gaskets. If the note does not come out, the seal is working well.

Oven maintenance

Different ovens have different handy features, one of the most popular being the self-cleaning function. In many cases, however, this feature is not as effective as it should be and can even be more harmful than cleaning the old-fashioned way. Using this cleaning feature will put added pressure on several parts of the oven, which causes them to wear out faster and require repairs sooner. The best thing to do is clean your oven after each use. You can also use lemon and water to loosen the grime and grease. Simply place a few pieces of lemon in some water and in an oven-safe dish. Turn your oven on and allow the lemon vapors to fill your oven, then wipe it down. You should also check the gasket on the oven door to make sure that it maintains the proper temperature.

Microwave maintenance

Much like your oven, your microwave will need to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that grime does not build up. Once it does, your microwave can be incredibly difficult to clean. To clean your microwave, you should use the same method as described above for regular ovens. Place some lemon in a bowl of water - just make sure that it's microwave-safe! Heat up and allow the lemon steam to fill the microwave, then wipe all the interior surfaces down. Some areas might need to be further scrubbed, but the lemon steam does most of the work. If you want to prevent too much dirt from building up, you should always make sure that you cover food when cooking or heating anything up. Foods like beans can pop when you warm them up, which can cause a real mess.

Washer and dryer maintenance

Your washer and dryer also require regular care and cleaning. You can clean your washer by using vinegar and running a wash cycle without any laundry. That said, some people like to add vinegar to their load of whites. Vinegar is also great for freshening up your washer! If you notice that your laundry smells strange, try washing it with vinegar before you use it again. As for your dryer, you need to check the lint trap regularly. This is to ensure that your dryer is effective, efficient, and not at risk of catching fire.

Dishwasher maintenance

Like your washer, your dishwasher also uses water that can result in a buildup of calcium. Using water softeners with every load is a good preventative measure. However, it's also a good idea to run an empty load with vinegar just like your washer. Check the filters and inspect your hoses too. Dishwashers operate at very high temperatures, which can lead to even more wear and tear.

Despite your best efforts, your appliances will always experience wear and tear. Fortunately, Capital Appliance Repair Amprior is just a phone call away. You can contact our technicians at 1 613-454-1577and we will arrive promptly. We also arrive prepared with tools and a selection of parts that might be necessary to complete the repairs on the very first visit!

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