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Moffat Washer makes strange sounds

We were contacted by a homeowner in Ottawa about a washer issue. They were concerned about possible damage to their Moffat washer because it was rocking back and forth. We went to their house to learn more about the problem after they contacted us. Our team inspected the exterior of the washer to see if the transportation bolts had been left in place after arrival. We noticed the legs of the Moffat washing machine were not level and uneven when we checked the bottom of the washer. As a result, the washer swayed back and forth. As a result, we loosened the lock nuts on the feet of the machine and adjusted the height until they were level again. With a spirit level, we verified that the washer was level. The vibrating was dramatically reduced during a few test washes. Contact us today so we can help you with your Moffat Appliance Repair today!

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