Tips for Better Laundry Wash

Tips for Better Laundry Wash

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Am I Getting the Most From My Washing Machine?

Even the cheapest washing machines on the market are a few hundred dollars. If you opted for something more elaborate, it isn’t unreasonable to imagine that you may have spent a couple thousand dollars for a high-end matching washer and dryer set.

Nonetheless, it is also likely that you aren’t using your washing machine to its best design. Most people don’t realize just what their machines are capable of. There are a number of easy tips for better laundry wash that you can keep in mind.

Easy Tips for Better Laundry Washes

  • Separate! The more you are willing to separate your clothes, the better everything is going to be. From a time and resources perspective, this can be easier said than done. Still consider separating the really dirty clothes from the ones that are just slightly soiled. The heavy, abrasive fabrics, such as denim, should be kept apart from the lighter fabrics.
  • Twisty sheets: No one likes it when the bedsheets twist up in the washing machine. The only thing you can really do about this is wash one set of sheets at a time, as opposed to the sheets of every bed in the house at once. Also, add small items to each load - things like socks and underwear, or a few light shirts.
  • Detergent directly on the clothes: A number of people are always tempted by the notion that detergent will be even more effective if applied directly to the clothing items. This is not a good idea! Put the laundry in first, add your water, and then add the soap.
  • You don’t need to dry everything: Lighter items in your laundry loads can honestly benefit from the much-gentler approach of air-drying. In fact, try to air dry as much as is comfortable or realistically possible. Doing so is ideal for a number of items, and it’s also a great way to save on your energy costs.
  • Socks first! We aren’t saying that you have to do a completely separate load for your socks, unless you really want to.
  • Close the zippers: We don’t really think about the zippers, when we’re doing laundry, but we probably should. Not only can a loose zipper snag or damage other clothing items, but it can also cause damage with many front-loading washing machines.
  • Bleeding: No one wants that new red shirt to bleed into a load of laundry. It isn’t hard by any means to conduct a quick bleeding test. Just dampen a certain spot on your shirt, and then pat the damp spot with a dry white cloth. If the colour shows up on the white, then you will want to wash that shirt, or any clothes that fail this test, on their own.

At worst, the tips above demand slightly more time than simply throwing everything in the washer, and then in the dryer. To be sure, you don’t want to overload either of those machines. This is something that applies to all of your appliances, but it has particular relevance with your washer and dryer. Overloading can cause parts to wear down much faster, which can lead to costly repairs and other problems later on.

If you are in fact having any problems with your washer or dryer, or any of your other appliances, contact us at Capital Appliance Repair.

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