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When your stove stops working, it can prove complicated or even impossible to cook a delicious meal. While some problems might seem minor, the sooner you have the repairs done, the better. Using a faulty stove can lead to improperly cooked food, and it can also prove risky.

  • We offer SAME-DAY stove repairs in Ottawa and surrounding areas
  • Available 7 DAYS A WEEK
  • Up to 1 YEAR WARRANTY on all stove repairs!
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    Expert Stove Fix in Ottawa

    At Capital Appliance Repair Ottawa, we know how urgent your stove repairs can be, which is why we offer professional and prompt services at affordable prices throughout Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Don’t let a broken stove ruin your day!
    We fix appliances for a living and we’ve got over 15 years of experience.

    Stove Repair Ottawa
    Best Stove Service Ottawa

    Stove Brands We Service

    Call +1 613-454-1577 to repair your Stove. We have experience repairing stoves from a number of different brands.

    Top Rated Appliance Repair Company in Ottawa

    The owner of the company trains every technician personally to ensure the quality of service and adherence to the highest standards. Our reputation is valued by your satisfaction and we’ll do all it takes to make you happy. You can trust your appliances with our experienced technicians, no matter the issue. With quick and reliable services at affordable prices, see the many reasons why you should choose Capital Appliance Repair below.


    Our team of technicians has more than 15 years of experience performing repairs on all major appliances


    We are available 7 days a week, and we offer same day service anywhere in Ottawa and the surrounding area.


    Most of our repairs are covered by up to 1-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

    appliance repair technician

    We always put our customers first, and we understand the value and importance of each appliance.


    Not only do we perform quality repairs, but we also provide unbeatable prices.


    Our team of technicians is both trained and experienced in repairing household appliances of all makes and models.

    Ottawa Stove Maintenance Experts

    For affordable stove repairs by experienced and skilled technicians,
    contact Capital Appliance Repair Ottawa today at (613) 454-1577

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    Ottawa Stove Repair Services

    When you need your stove repaired, it’s important to hire a trained and qualified professional. No matter the model or brand, our technicians know how to diagnose and repair any problem on the spot. Never forget the importance of professional stove repairs. No matter the type of stove, an expert should always be called to fix any problem. Anything less can put you, your home, and even your neighbours at risk. At Capital Appliance Repair, our technicians perform same-day stove repairs in Ottawa, and our work is backed by a warranty for your peace of mind. Our speedy in-home appliance repairs ensure that you don’t have to wait long for quality stove repairs.

    Apart from speedy service and warranty on most repairs, we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our reliable stove repair technicians, are available 7 days a week, and our rates are particularly affordable too.

    If you’re experiencing issues with your electric stove, Capital Appliance Repair can help! We’re just a phone call away and can restore your stove to working order quickly and effectively.

    In addition to our stove repair services, we also fix  fridges, freezers, ovens, dishwashers, dryers, and washing machines.


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    Here is what our clients say about us

    This is why we’re an award-winning (3 times in a row) Stove Repair Company in Ottawa

    Capital Appliance Repair - Customer Testimonials on Google
    Rafal R.

    I was very pleased with the service I got from capital appliance repair. Fast, courteous, and highly professional. They came right away, correctly diagnosed the problem with my stove and dishwasher, and came up with a cost-effective solution. If you need any small appliance work, call them. You won’t regret it.

    Capital Appliance Repair - Customer Testimonials on Google
    Manuela L.

    Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

    Kenmore Elite induction stove top – Very professional, courteous and friendly Yuri. He was honest and straightforward explaining the problem we were facing. I was previously aware that parts for an induction stove top would be expensive, but Yuri made sure I knew what I was benefiting from replacing the faulty part. He provided me with options and was very knowledgeable. I would definitely call CAR again should I need to, and will recommend anytime.

    Capital Appliance Repair - Customer Testimonials on Google
    Robert G.

    Knowledgeable repairman. Efficient worker who was able to diagnose the problem quickly. Impressed by the quality of service. We were only charged the service call fee and I have no qualms in recommending Capital Appliance Repair to anyone or using them again in the future.

    Capital Appliance Repair - Customer Testimonials on Google
    Kimberly L.

    Yuri was outstanding and an assent to Capital Appliance! He was professional and got my stove working! Price is reasonable and they are all professional! My stove is working and it is 15 years old and they were still able to get the part! Outstanding company! Fast is an understatement as I called Monday and Yuri was here Monday afternoon – part ordered and installed by Wednesday afternoon!

    Capital Appliance Repair - Customer Testimonials on Google
    Andrew P.

    Service was great.  Identified issues with stove -all fixed! Victor was professional, efficient and knowledgeable. Recommend for appliance repair.  Thanks!

    Capital Appliance Repair - Customer Testimonials on Google
    Mitch from Ottawa

    Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

    This was our second time using Capital Appliance Repair and again the service was excellent. This time we had Yuri and he was courteous, professional and honest. He took all of the necessary Covid precautions and worked tirelessly. Once our new parts arrived within a few days he returned and ended up only replacing the parts that he determined were really necessary. We would definitely call them up again for any appliance issues.

    Capital Appliance Repair - Customer Testimonials on Google
    Derek K.

    Excellent Service

    Great company. Worked with them twice. Both technicians were courteous and kind, followed good covid practices and worked quickly. Fast and easy place for appliance repair.

    Frequenty Asked Questions - Stove Repair in Ottawa

    Q. What happens if I spill oil on my stove?

    A. Grease, oil and fat don't simply ignite, but when there's an accident in the kitchen, fires can occur. It's always best to avoid keeping any kind of flammable items (like paper towels) far from your stove.

    Q. How long can an electric stove be left on?

    A. Accidentally leaving your stove on for a long time can be worrying. The good news is that stoves are designed to burn for hours. The dangerous part is if you have left something on the stove or if you leave something flammable nearby.

    Q. How long does it takes to fix a stove?

    A. The duration of stove repairs will depend on the problem as well as any parts needed. We arrive prepared with the tools and a selection of part that might be needed. If any parts need to be ordered, we will discuss the timeframe with you.

    Q. What is the average life of a stove?

    A. The average life of a stove is 10 to 15 years. Frequent repairs and maintenance ensure that they last as long as possible.

    Q. How do you remove tough stains from a stove top?

    A. Metal pads are abrasive and can cause scratches. Without tough cleaning supplies, stubborn stains might be difficult to clean. The good news is that there are some great natural methods like boiling water, baking soda and salt. White vinegar is also really effective and you can use it in a spray bottle.

    Q. How do you protect a glass stove top?

    A. When your stove is scratched, you can't get rid of those marks. This is why prevention is so important. Cast iron cookware can scratch your stove as do abrasive cleaning supplies. All these things should be avoided.

    Q. What causes a stove burner to get too hot?

    A. If you are struggling to regulate the temperature of your stove, it could be due to a switch that controls the power supply. The part will need to be replaced by a professional.

    Q. Why is my stove not hot enough?

    A. The burner might need to be replaced or there could be a faulty switch or bad connection. This is another problem best solved by a professional.

    Q. Why is my electric stove not turning on?

    A. If you turn your stove on but it's not getting hot, you should check the power and plug before you worry. Check all of your burners to test whether or not they are all faulty. A technician will be able to diagnose and repair this problem.

    Q. Can I fix my own oven?

    A. Stoves are one of the more simple of appliances but this does not mean that DIY repairs are recommended. This approach can result in further damage and more expensive repairs.

    Q. How much does it cost to repair an electric stove?

    A. Repair costs will depend on the problem and the parts needed. We always work hard to get the repairs done during our first visit.

    Q. Are your stove repairs guaranteed?

    A. Yes, we cover all of our stove repairs with our satisfaction guarantee.

    Q. What should be done before repairing the stove?

    A. The best thing to do is provide all of the relevant details to our team when you call for repairs. You should avoid the temptation to attempt DIY repairs. If there is anything that could get in the way, move it away at least for the time being.

    Q. How do you maintain a stove?

    A. Your stove is one of the major appliances in your household that enables you to cook those delicious meals your whole family enjoys. Cooking on a faulty stove can make the whole process very difficult and limiting. With Capital Appliance Repair Ottawa, a faulty stove will no longer be the cause of your headaches. Delivering expert stove repair services in Ottawa is our specialty, and we come equipped with quality spare parts and tools for speedy assistance for all your urgent repair situations. Available 7 days a week for your convenience, we’re the Ottawa appliance repair technicians you can count on. Most of our affordable and convenient services are also backed by our service warranty for added peace of mind.

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