Can’t Adjust Heat On Stove

A stove should maintain the set temperature. It must heat up quickly and regulating the temperature as desired should be an effortless feat. When you can’t adjust heat on the stove, the issue could be burner control, the wiring, or the heating element. Call Capital Appliance Repair for same-day stove inspection and service in Ottawa.



Inspect the Burner, Controls and Wiring

If you can’t adjust heat on the stove, the first suspect is the control switch. All burners are connected to a regulating switch. This is used to enhance, reduce or maintain a certain level of heat. This switch may be broken, in which case you must have it replaced. You can access these burner controls but you must have the essential tools. It is better to have a technician inspect these elements, as failure of other components could also be the reason why you can’t adjust heat on the stove.


The burner itself, or the heating element, may have some issue. If the heating element is damaged, partly or substantially, then it would fail to sustain specific levels of heat. The heat generated may also be inconsistent throughout its surface area. Heating elements can be replaced. The problem could also be the wiring. Every stove has a control board, necessary wiring and regulatory switches or knobs for users to access different features, or functions. If the wiring is kaput, it must be redone. If the control board is at fault, a technician should work on that.

It is rare for a stove to have multiple of these problems at the same time, unless it is very old and is in serious want of maintenance. Our technicians are equipped with all tools to detect the real reason why you can’t adjust heat on the stove. From multimeters to replacement parts, our technicians have everything to carry out a thorough diagnosis onsite and complete stove repair in Ottawa on the same day. Some problems cannot be resolved without replacing a worn out component. If the issues can be remedied without replacing any part, our technician would do the same.

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