Dishwasher Makes Strange Noises

Dishwashers do not operate in silence. Appliances like this one make noises, so you should not worry about every single sound you hear. What you should worry about, however, is a strange noise. The type of noise that isnโ€™t common, one that the appliance has never made, nor is supposed to make. If your dishwasher makes strange noises, contact Capital Appliance Repair in Ottawa for same-day inspection and service.


Causes of Strange Noises in your Dishwasher

A dishwasher can make a grinding noise. This is common due to the functioning of the motor inside. If the grinding noise is alarmingly loud, then you should be concerned. Otherwise, a grinding or buzzing sound is not unusual. Loud grinding noise, especially if you encounter it all of a sudden, could be due to debris stuck in the impeller or blades. Insufficient supply of water can also cause strange grinding noise. The problem lies in the water inlet valve.


Buzzing noise is typical, especially during the wash cycle. A banging sound within the machine, however, is not usual. The cause could be water hammering. Sudden and swift bursts of water can create the banging sound. Some dishwashers have a shock arrestor to prevent the water hammer induced banging sound. A humming noise is also usual during a cycle. Loud humming could be due to a faulty fan. High pitched humming could be due to a defective motor.

Dishwashers often make squealing sounds. Brand new dishwashers squeal for the first few cycles. You may also encounter a rattling sound. These sounds should subside as the dishwasher is used a few times. Clicking noise is also common. Many contemporary dishwashers make these clicking sounds due to the electronic controls, and these tend to make the noise during distinct phases of a wash cycle.

Strange noises can also be due to the dishes and other utensils you would place in the appliance. Dishes or plates may rattle. Utensils may make clincking sounds. Make sure no item is loose inside. Check the plumbing and drainage to ensure the dishwasher empties out normally. Our technicians can detect these problems onsite and carry out same-day dishwasher repairs in Ottawa.

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