Dryer Doesn’t Complete A Cycle

If a dryer doesn’t complete a cycle, then its continuous operation has been interrupted by any of the several components that form the entire circuit of the appliance. A dryer is programmed to complete a cycle unless it receives a signal from one of the many sensors or triggers. While failing sensors are easy to diagnose and replace, there could be more complicated issues in your appliance. Call Capital Appliance Repair for same-day dryer inspection and service, anywhere in Ottawa.


Components Triggering an Interruption

A dryer doesn’t complete a cycle if it is signaled to stop, if the electricity fails or voltage drops, if there is an obstruction that prevents the appliance from operating, or a combination of these factors. There are many common reasons why a dryer doesn’t complete a cycle. An inadvertent opening of the door or lid can stop the dryer. The door switch may get triggered, and the dryer would stop. The timer could be faulty. The thermal fuse may get abruptly blown or the circuit breaker may be tripped. Any of these will stop the dryer.

There are several sensors facilitating the different phases of a cycle. Any sensor triggering a false activation or deactivation can stop the dryer. These sensors should be tested and replaced if broken, or malfunctioning. Our technicians can replace the broken sensors onsite and complete dryer repair on the same day.


Broken Parts Stopping the Dryer

Worn out and broken parts in the appliance can prevent the dryer from completing a cycle. The exhaust vent may be clogged. The dryer may get overheated, and this may blow the fuse or trip the circuit breaker. Excessive lint buildup may be a facilitating factor. The motor relay could be faulty. The defective components have to be replaced for the dryer to expectedly complete a cycle.

The drive motor in the dryer could be the main culprit. The electronic control panel or board may also be the real issue. From continuity of power to the functioning of every crucial component, our technicians shall conduct a comprehensive analysis of the appliance, and recommend the most fitting solution.

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