Dryer Has A Bad Smell

A likely reason why your dryer has a bad smell is probably due to trapped lint and other debris. All household appliances need to be cleaned. The frequency of the routine may vary depending on the purpose of the appliance and how regularly you use it, but cleaning and maintenance should be sooner than later. If your dryer has a bad smell due to trapped lint and debris, you must clean those and the odor should subside. However, there may be broken components or malfunctioning parts too. For such issues, you should call Capital Appliance Repair for same-day inspection and service, anywhere in Ottawa.


Check the Lint Trap/Filter

All dryers have lint traps, also known as filters. Depending on the size, type, brand, and model of dryer, the lint trap may get clogged very quickly or it could take days and several cycles. How quickly and to what extent the lint trap gets clogged would depend on many other factors, such as how much load you are putting in every cycle, how frequently you are using the appliance, the state of the clothes that you are putting into the dryer, and other facilitating components in the dryer, like heat and airflow.


If the lint trap is clogged, you can access it and clean it. A dryer should also be ventilated properly to get rid of all probable foul smells. A dryer should be vacuumed from time to time. You can also let the door or lid open for some time so natural breeze can air-dry the appliance. If you shut off a dryer immediately after operating it, and there remains some moisture along with debris, then you will encounter a bad smell.

It is not unlikely for other elements to cause and contribute to the bad smell. For instance, inefficient heating and airflow may not dry the clothes properly. If the clothes remain moist, then they can leave a residual trace of whatever smell they retained after the wash cycle. Cleaning agents, detergents, fabric and water softeners, all such products have a residual smell. Some are fragrant and easily subside. Some are not pleasant and stick around. Our technicians can attend to all such problems and complete dryer repairs on-site.

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