Fridge Is Freezing Food

A fridge is supposed to keep foods and drinks cold, as well as well preserved. A freezer is supposed to freeze foods, and keep them in a frozen state. There are times when a freezer keeps foods cold. There are instances where a fridge may freeze foods. This could be due to a simple, remediable issue – or something more complex. If your fridge is freezing food, then you should call Capital Appliance Repair for same day service in Ottawa.


Causes of Fridge Freezing Food

A common cause is extremely low temperature settings. The optimum temperature range is thirty eight to forty two degrees. If the set temperature is considerably lower, then the fridge may start to freeze certain foods. This may not happen for all foods. The freezing may be limited to a few places within the fridge. Set the right temperature and the problem will be easily remedied.


There is a possibility of the temperature sensors malfunctioning, so even if you have opted for an optimum setting, there could be a freezing issue. Use a thermometer to test if the fridge is getting too cold, and hence freezing the foods. You can use an ordinary thermometer, even an analog one, for this purpose.

Check the temperature of the freezer. If a freezer is too cold, and the vents are passing on some of that intensely chilled air to the fridge, then your foods and drinks could freeze as a result. Modern fridges also have adjustable vents. The topmost or bottommost shelf is usually the most vulnerable in such cases, depending on where the freezer is. The door is also vulnerable in cases of excessively cold air being circulated through the vents and by the fans.

Overloaded components in a fridge can lead to freezing. A dusty and dirty compressor exerts more pressure on its coils, and as a result overcompensate, leading to freezing. Condenser coils, evaporator fans, and coolants should be timely maintained for optimum performance. Defective gaskets or seals can also lead to freezing.

Call Capital Appliance Repair for a thorough diagnosis and an onsite solution. You can opt for same-day fridge repair service in Ottawa.

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