Oven Can’t Maintain Temperature

An oven can’t maintain temperature if any component of its heating system malfunctions. This is a more common problem among older and aging ovens. State of the art ovens should stand the test of time, at least a few years, before you encounter such a problem. However, defects and faulty systems cannot be preempted in every case. If your oven can’t maintain temperature, call Capital Appliance Repair for a swift same day service in Ottawa.


Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat in your oven may be malfunctioning, or it could be completely broken. The latter is unlikely, as then your oven would not function at all. It would fail to generate heat. Hence, it is more likely that the thermostat is underperforming, and being inefficient or ineffective for some reason. This requires a technical assessment. Our technician can visit your house and carry out on-site oven repair in Ottawa.

Broken Heating Element

Every oven has a heating element. This can wear out over time. Heating elements can be replaced, so your oven can still be of utility. If a heating element fails to generate enough heat, then the temperature fluctuation would be obvious. Both the thermostat and the heating element must work in perfect synergy for an oven to maintain temperature.


Failing Heat Sensor

It is possible for the thermostat and the heating element in an oven to be in optimal working condition and still result in a dip in temperature. This could be triggered by a failing heat sensor. If the sensor cannot detect a dip in the temperature inside the oven, then the thermostat and the heating element would not be triggered into action, to raise the temperature as required.

Connection Issues

The aforementioned problems are more common, but at times the issue could be as simple as poor or fluctuating voltage, a damaged electrical power cord, broken socket, and faulty connections. Check all connections to ensure that these are not causing your oven to fail in maintaining a set temperature.

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