Oven Door Won’t Shut

If your oven door won’t shut, you must tread on a multi-step path to detect the real issue in order to fix it. While the oven door may appear to be a simple component, there are plenty of essential parts that regulate the otherwise seemingly uncomplicated functioning. If you are unable to detect the actual problem, call Capital Appliance Repair for same day oven service in Ottawa.



Reasons why Oven Door Won’t Shut

The latch and lock system of the door may be an issue. If the lock is activated or engaged, then the latch would prevent the door from closing. If there is excessive dirt or debris in the crud, that would result in an issue as well. Oven racks could also prevent the door from shutting. You must check the racks and ensure they are aligned properly, as there may be inadvertent misplacement of racks. Food debris and dirt build-up can also cause misalignment.


One of the more common reasons why an oven door won’t shut is a faulty seal or gasket. The frame of the oven door, the entire gasket that ensures a proper fit, and the smaller components that keep the door shut while something is being cooked or baked, can prevent the door from shutting. Clean the frame, check for abnormality, see if there is any warping of the frame, inspect the gasket to ensure it is fine, and then try to close the door.

Some ovens have hinge locks. These hinge locks may be worn out and can cause obstruction. The hinges too can get debris laden or have dirt buildup over time. Such an issue would also prevent the door from being shut properly. Hinges can also become rusty. Any kind of grime build-up in the hinges, door frame, lock or latch can also cause an oven door to shut improperly, or not close completely.

Poor quality springs, worn out gasket, misaligned hinges, and physical damage to the oven can also prevent the door from shutting properly. Our technician can inspect and complete onsite oven repair in Ottawa on the same day you call us.

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