Washer Makes Strange Sounds

While a washer will make sounds as it operates, it should not make strange noises. Yet, most people have had quaint experiences of such from time to time. In such instances, you need to detect the real issue and take appropriate measures accordingly. If you are uncertain about the cause of the strange sound, call Capital Appliance Repair for same-day inspection and service in Ottawa.


What causes Strange Sounds?

One of the most common causes is your personal items finding a way into the washer. Coins, keys, and other hard materials are often the root cause of strange sounds. This is why it is better to check all pockets to ensure you are only putting in clothes, and nothing else that doesn’t belong. Sometimes you also have to be wary with the type of clothes you put in. From loose buttons, to broken zippers to bra wires – these components can get lodged during the cycle and create unusual sounds. Coins and keys, however, make the loudest strange noises in washers.


Debris buildup is another common cause of strange sounds. If sufficient hair clogs the drain pipe, if dust and dirt or grime partially block the water inlet, if the valves cannot operate normally and if the motors are compelled to exert more thrust for optimum performance, then there will be strange noises. This is why washers should be cleaned and maintained frequently.

The other types of sounds that may be alarming are generally due to failing parts of the washer. Most washers have identical and similar parts, so the same components are to blame. A failing motor would make strange sounds. Rumbling, strange buzzing sound, rattling, and even banging noises are not rare. If there is blockage or clogging beyond the seal, then that too would cause unusual sounds.

Loose components in washers can cause noise. Physical damage to internal parts, misalignments, and improper fittings would result in the same. Our technicians have the experience, expertise, and tools to detect the real cause of any kind of strange noise. Our specialists would complete the inspection on-site and complete washer repair on the same day. We can also replace damaged or worn out parts immediately.

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