Dishes Come Out Of Dishwasher Dirty

Dirty dishes can be caused by six different types of dishwasher malfunctions. That isnโ€™t to say there canโ€™t be more than one issue causing the problem. In such an instance, you should have a stepwise approach to detect the real problem. You can contact Capital Appliance Repair for a comprehensive inspection and same day dishwasher service in Ottawa.


Not Abiding by Best Practices

Many users do not abide by the best practices. Improper ways of using a dishwasher is often the reason why dishes come out dirty. To begin, you must not load debris laden dishes into the appliance. A dishwasher is not a garbage disposal unit. Leftover food and bits; pieces of anything that you have consumed should be disposed of before loading the plates or dishes into the appliance. There are dishwashers that are labeled and marketed as self-cleaning. These have macerators inside. However, these macerators are small and do not have a lot of capacity to break down debris, so the bits and pieces get conveniently washed off.


Poor quality detergent can leave dishes dirty. Hard water also has a similar effect. It is better to use a high quality detergent with a rinse agent and water softener. It must be noted that dishwashers recirculate the water inside before draining the dirty liquid. Hard water, lack of sufficient rinsing and poor quality of the detergent can leave dishes dirty. Loading dishes inappropriately is another common mistake.

Faults in the Dishwasher

Beyond user related problems, a dishwasher may have certain faults. The filter may be unclean, which will leave dishes dirty even after a repeat cycle. There may be issues with the inlet valve, the spray arm, the temperature of the water, and the power or thrust of water circulation. These could be due to mechanical failures of certain components. Our technician can inspect the appliance, test all the parts and deduce the reason why your dishes come out of the dishwasher dirty. Our specialists can complete the diagnosis and repair service, including necessary replacements, on-site and during the same day. Contact us for quick and efficient dishwasher repairs in Ottawa.

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