Dishwasher Is Leaking

Dishwashers can leak for different reasons. Before you assume the worst, check to see if your dishwasher is leaking whenever the kitchen sink is running. In most cases, the drainpipe of the dishwasher tends to be wrongly leveled in regards to the drain of the sink. This can cause leaks. If this is not the case, then you must inspect your dishwasher.


Check the Gasket

Gasket is the seal around the dishwasher door. If there is a leak in the gasket, then you would have a leaking dishwasher. You can check the gasket, ensure that the seal is intact, and if not, then you must have it replaced. Gaskets wear out, like any other component, so this is not rare or uncommon.

Inspect the Latch

Another common cause is a faulty latch on the door. Like the gasket, the latch serves a crucial function and it can also wear out in due course of time. Physical damage is also possible. If the latch is deformed, not properly aligned, or broken, then your dishwasher will leak. In such cases, you need to replace the latch.


Test the Valves, Hose, and Pump Seal

In an unlikely event wherein you have used a detergent that produces excess suds, the extra volume of water and lather can force some of itself out of the door. If this is not the case for you, check the valves, hose connections and the pump seal. Hoses can crack or tear. Hose connections may be loose. Valves can be faulty, and hence facilitate a leak. Inlet and outlet valves have to work properly to avoid any leakage. Corroded connection ports, worn out valves and other connection issues must be inspected.

The pump seal may have a leak too. The water pump has a seal around it. Inspect it to be sure that no water is dripping through it. Such seals can be easily replaced. There are other possible causes why your dishwasher is leaking. The problem could be with the float switch. Look for drainage issues. Ensure the dishwasher is properly aligned, and not tilted or inappropriately positioned. For all such problems, call on our team at Capital Appliance Repair for the same-day and on-site dishwasher repairs in Ottawa.

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