Dryer Doesn’t Properly Dry Clothes

Whenever a dryer doesn’t properly dry clothes, there could be a simple problem or a crisis. The simpler problems are quite basic, and most of them can be readily resolved. The crises are complicated, and most of them would call for a replacement of the broken component. Matters could be worse, if you have multiple broken parts in the dryer. Call Capital Appliance Repair for same-day dryer inspection and service, anywhere in Ottawa.


Check for Basic Problems

The first checkpoint is the power supply. Not only do you need to check the availability of electricity and continuity of power throughout the appliance, you must also know the voltage and if there is any abrupt fluctuation. A dryer needs a steady supply of electricity, at the voltage it needs to operate, to effectively dry clothes.

If there is no issue with the power socket, plug and cord, the thermal fuse or circuit breaker, the door switch, the timer, and other sensors, then you should review the load. When your dryer is operating normally and there is no major symptom of a broken component, then the ineffective drying could be due to overloading. Airflow and heat are the two main facilitators of drying. Excessive load would hamper both airflow and heat.


Check for Complex Problems

The basic checks are quite simple. The complex problems pertain to the many components of the dryer. You need to find out if the dryer is generating enough heat, and if there is sufficient airflow. This is after you have ensured the load is optimum. The air vent and duct must be inspected. The vent could be clogged. The duct may have some blockage. The dryer needs to be cleaned and serviced. Buildup of lint or fabric could jam the screen cover. The lint trap should be cleansed.

Extremely wet clothes may not dry properly if the dryer is inefficient. If the clothes don’t dry at all or to a substantial extent remain wet, then check the drive belt, the heating element, the blower wheel, the motor, and the control panel. These components, if broken, must be replaced. Our technicians can carry out on-site dryer repairs on the same-day in Ottawa.

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