Dryer Makes Strange Noises

A dryer will make some type of sound when it is running, since there are moving parts (i.e. clothes) within the machine. The internal sounds are actually softened to an extent by the external casing. Washers and other appliances also have some audible sound when in operation. What should worry you is strange noises, not commonly heard before. Like loud sounds for example. If the strange noises persist, then there is something wrong inside. In this case, itโ€™s best to call on Capital Appliance Repair for same-day inspection and service, anywhere in Ottawa.


Common Causes of Strange Noises

A dryer usually makes five different types of strange noises: squeaking, squealing, grinding, thumping, and screeching. Each of these noises indicates a distinct problem. The squeaking noise is most likely due to a malfunctioning idler pulley. This is an integral component of a washer. An idler pulley exerts the requisite tension on the drum belt, so it can operate properly when the dryer is in its spin mode. Our technicians can inspect the idler pulley and resolve the problem on-site at your home.


Squealing noise is usually due to a defective drive belt. A drive belt around the drum, motor and tension pulley can get cracked, frayed or damaged. This is not necessarily a manufacturing defect. Wear and tear can happen. The drive belt may have to be replaced. It could also do with a bit of servicing and preventive maintenance.

Grinding noise is usually due to a worn out drum support bearing. Thumping noise is often due to a torn or broken drum seal. Excess air seeps into the drum of the dryer when the seal is torn or broken. This interference then causes the thumping noise. Screeching noise is mostly owing to broken or worn out drum support rollers. The damage could also be in the shaft. Most of these issues require the expertise of a technician.

Give us a call, receive a free and no-obligation quote, schedule a site visit and inspection for the same day or next day, and our technician would complete the requisite dryer repair on-site, including necessary replacement of parts.

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