Dryer Not Spinning

If your dryer is not spinning even though the appliance starts after you turn it on, it could be due to one or more of the following five common problems. Most of these issues are a tad complex and hence you may need the assistance of a technician. Call Capital Appliance Repair for same-day dryer inspection and service, anywhere in Ottawa.


Check the Drive Belt

The most common reason for a dryer not spinning is a malfunctioning drive belt. The drive belt may be broken, it could be worn out, there can be some kind of resistance, and the drum may have come loose. You can disconnect your dryer from the power source, unplug it, remove the lid and check if the drive belt is the reason why your dryer is not spinning.

Check the Drum Rollers

Worn out drum rollers can stop a dryer from spinning. Your dryer may have two or more of these rollers. These rollers must operate freely for the dryer motor to function properly. The rollers may have suffered wear and tear. They could be damaged due to some reason. Worn out or damaged drum rollers must be replaced. Our technicians can carry out dryer repair and roller replacement on the same day.

Check Roller Axles

Like the rollers themselves, the axles too must work smoothly for the dryer to keep spinning as it should. If there is any obstruction or the axles are worn out, then the rollers would stop functioning normally, and your dryer will stop spinning, aberrantly or completely. Such axles should be changed.


Check the Drum Glides

Drum glides in dryers are plastic components. These serve the function of supporting the drum. The drum slides on these glides while spinning. Hence, if the glides are worn out or damaged, then the drum cannot slide as it should. This will stop the dryer spin. The worn out glides must be replaced.

Check the Drum Bearing

Last but not the least, you must inspect the drum bearing. The bearing also serves a supportive function. It holds the rear of the drum in place and facilitates the spin. Worn out, strained, or damaged bearing will prevent the drum from spinning. This should be replaced. Your dryer not spinning could be due to one or several of the aforementioned reasons.

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