Dryer Takes Long To Dry Clothes

Whenever a dryer takes too long to dry clothes, the first thing you should check is the quantum of load. Overloading a dryer will always increase the time required by the appliance to get the job done. Overloading can also cause overheating. There are of course several other probable reasons why a dryer takes long to dry clothes. Call Capital Appliance Repair for a thorough inspection and same-day service, anywhere in Ottawa.


Check the Lint Trap

Every dryer has a lint trap, also referred to as a filter. This lint filter or trap should not be clogged or blocked. Regular cleaning is recommended. If the lint trap is clogged or blocked, and there is a lot of debris buildup, then the dryer will take longer than usual to get the job done. If the lint trap or filter is broken, then it should be replaced.

Check the Air Flow ; Vent

A dryer should generate sufficient heat for a given load and there should be optimum airflow inside the appliance for clothes to be dried within an expected span of time. If the airflow is interrupted, owing to overloading or due to a blocked vent, then the dryer will take longer. The vent or the venting hose can have obstructions. The venting system should be cleaned and routinely maintained.


Check the Heating Element

The heating element is the most significant feature of a dryer. It essentially makes the appliance what it is and supposed to do. If the heating element is defective, somewhat flawed, or substantially worn out, then the dryer will take a very long time to dry even a light load. Worn out or defective heating elements must be replaced.

Check the Thermostat

In some cases, the heating element may be fine, but it could malfunction due to a malfunctioning thermostat. The thermostat regulates the functioning of the heating element. If the sensor turns off the heating element or reduces the temperature by falsely signaling overheating, then the dryer will take longer. Our technicians can tend to all such types of dryer repairs and complete the job on-site.

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