Dryer Won’t Turn On

A dryer won’t turn on if any of the components that complete the electrical and electronic circuit of the appliance is broken or malfunctioning. In addition to these components that are an integral part of the circuit, there could be other broken components, or worn out parts, that can prevent the dryer from getting started. Call Capital Appliance Repair for same-day dryer inspection and service, anywhere in Ottawa.


Check the Thermal Fuse

The first step is to obviously ensure that your dryer is connected to a live power source. The power socket could be broken. The plug could be damaged. The power cord or cable may be faulty. If these are not the problem, the thermal fuse could be the reason why your dryer won’t turn on. The thermal fuse is a very common problem, and it is also an easy fix.

Check the Start Switch

If the thermal fuse is fine, the start switch could be the issue. You will need a multimeter to check the continuity of electricity to test the start switch. The start switch needs to be replaced if damaged. It does not cost much.


Check the Door Switch

The door switch makes the clicking noise you hear when you close the lid. Even if you hear the sound, the switch may still be broken, and as such it would affect the continuity of electricity. If you don’t hear the sound, then the door switch is definitely broken. Replace it.

Check the Drive Motor ; Belt

The drive motor and belt are responsible for turning the drum, and hence the spin. Both the drive motor and belt must function properly for the dryer to start. If either is broken or both are worn out, then your dryer won’t turn on, and you must replace the parts.

There are other common problems why your dryer won’t turn on. The timer may be broken. You may have a failed belt switch. The main control board could have a defect or major fault. Our technicians can inspect all such potential problems and carry out comprehensive dryer repair on-site and on the same day.

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