Ice Buildup In Freezer

Unlike how it used to be, ice buildup in the freezer is a relatively less common problem these days. Back then, old fridges had to be manually defrosted. Ice buildup in the freezer, or general frosting, is uncommon today because most brands have an auto defrosting feature in refrigerators. However, even state of the art refrigerators with defrosting technology can have ice buildup. Call Capital Appliance Repair for a sustainable solution to ice buildup in the freezer.


Malfunctioning Sensor

Defrosting technology uses a sensor that triggers the whole process. If the sensor is damaged or defective, and hence not functioning properly, then the defrost mode would not get activated. You will have ice buildup in the freezer as a consequence. Our technician can test the sensor and have it replaced.


Heat & Humidity

Ice buildup or frosting is a swift process when cold air comes in contact with heat and humidity. The coils inside the freezer are the coldest. Those materials and their surfaces effectively cool the air and freeze the items inside. If there is a sudden gush of hot air, which obviously has more humidity than the interior of the freezer, then there would be frosting. If this process continues often, then there will be ice buildup in the freezer. This could be a more user specific issue. However, leaks in seals or faulty gaskets can also lead hot air and humidity to seep into the freezer.

Storage Problems

There may be ice buildup in the freezer if you stock too many items, or very few. Every freezer has an optimum level of storage. Do not overstuff and certainly avoid a completely empty freezer. It is also important to note that foods being put in the freezer should be at room temperature, or cooler. So hot foods should not be put into the freezer till they cool down.

Wet items should not be placed into the freezer either. For instance, a packet that has thawed considerably and has a lot of moisture on the packaging material will trigger ice buildup in the freezer. Call us for same day on-site freezer repair, anywhere in Ottawa.

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