Fresh Food Compartment Warming Up

Fresh food compartment warming up could be due to one or more reasons. The obvious cause is lack of sufficient cooling. This could be due to the overall insufficient cooling in the fridge. It could also be fluctuating temperature inside the fridge. Inefficient circulation of cold air within the fridge may also be a reason. It is essential to carry out a thorough inspection to know the singular issue or multiple causes. Call Capital Appliance Repair in Ottawa for same day inspection and onsite service.


Common Causes for Fresh Food Compartment Warming Up

Since we are talking about the fresh food compartment and not the entire fridge having insufficient cooling, one of the common problems is the damper. A damper is basically an airflow regulator. It determines if cold air will be transmitted as intended from the freezer to the fridge, particularly the fresh food compartment in this case. A damper that is stuck, or if it has a defect that prevents smooth airflow – then it can result in the fresh food compartment warming up. The solution is fixing or replacing the damper.


A faulty thermostat could be another reason. Defrost thermostats in fridges determine the timing of the heater and how it should function. If the thermostat develops a fault, then it would affect the heater, and then the evaporator. As a result, the fridge will not cool down as expected. A faulty thermostat like that needs to be repaired or replaced.

There are other potential causes of a fresh food compartment warming up. Defective gaskets or seals could be one reason. Another could be that the door is not closing properly. Freezer vents being clogged or the fans failing to circulate the cold air effectively throughout the fridge can also lead to the fresh food compartment warming up.

Our technicians have the expertise and experience to carry out comprehensive inspections to determine the exact cause of such malfunctioning. Call Capital Appliance Repair in Ottawa to receive a free and nonobligatory quote for our same day service. We conduct onsite fridge repair, including replacement of parts if necessary to resolve the pressing problem.

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