Fridge Is Too Loud

Back in the day, a fridge would be considered broken if it was completely quiet. Today, fridges donโ€™t make any cognizable noise. There is an almost silent humming, much like ambient sound, not very different from what state of the art engines in modern automobiles. So if your fridge is too loud, then it could be the result of one or more problems.

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Check the Mechanical Components

All contemporary fridges have electrical, electronic, and mechanical components. The electrical and electronic components are unlikely to make any noise. There could be some buzz or audible prompts by sensors and indicators, but not loud noise. Loud noise is usually caused by failure or an issue in the mechanical components of a fridge.


First, try to pinpoint the origin of the noise. Is it at the bottom, back or inside the fridge? Rattling noise originating at the bottom is due to an improperly secured drain pan. Secure it in its rightful place and the noise will be gone. Loud sound from the rear side of the fridge can be due to the condenser fan, defrost time, or compressor. Contemporary compressors are not noisy, but they can make some noise. Defrost timers making noise call for a replacement. A noisy compressor needs to be diagnosed further to determine whether or not it must be replaced.

A condenser fan making a loud noise can be due to a simple issue of excessive debris and dirt. You can clean the blades of the fan, and the fridge should be quiet again. Always unplug the fridge before you approach the condenser fan, or any other component of a fridge for cleaning and maintenance. Internal noise within a fridge can be due to inefficient circulation of air. The vents between the freezer and fridge could be clogged. The fan circulating the cold air inside may be inefficient, thus requiring cleaning and maintenance. The fan may also malfunction.

Whether it is the condenser or the evaporator fan, the compressor or several of these components, you need a technician to diagnose and complete fridge repair onsite. Call Capital Appliance Repair for same day service, anywhere in Ottawa.

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