Oven Doesn’t Turn On

If your oven doesn’t turn on, it could be due to several factors. Electric ovens do not have as much vulnerability as those powered by gas, but there still are some issues you may encounter in due course of time. If you are not certain about the actual cause, call Capital Appliance Repair for same day service in Ottawa.


Check the Fuse

One of the first things you should do when an oven doesn’t turn on is check the fuse. Electric appliances have integrated fuses. These internal fuses are a safeguard for the appliance. If the fuse is blown, then you need to fix it, and the oven should turn on. Some models have multiple fuses, so these can be more complicated to inspect and repair. The problem may not be limited to a blown fuse. Other issues may be prevalent, and you would discover them only after fixing the blown fuse, or fuses.

Igniter Problem

If the fuse is fine, the electrical cord connected to the power source is not damaged, and there is no issue with availability of electricity or voltage, then you may have an igniter problem. Igniters are not the sturdiest of components in electric ovens. You will need the assistance of our technician to replace the igniter. Our technicians specialize in onsite oven repair in Ottawa.



Faulty Bakes ; Broils

The bake and broil are the heating elements at the bottom and the top. These heating elements may be damaged, burnt out, worn and done, or there could be some other problem. Malfunctioning heating elements can prevent an oven from turning on. A broken heating element may also lead you to a damaged circuitry. All such complex issues require the intervention of a specialist.

Broken Thermostat ; Sensors

Other than blown fuses, power connectivity issues, damaged electrical cord or unresponsive sockets; switches, the problem could be a broken thermostat or the sensors may not be functioning. The temperature and pressure regulators may also be broken. Failure of any of these components can prevent an oven from turning on.

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