Washer Won’t Drain

There could be more than one reason why your washer won’t drain. It is rare for a washer to have multiple problems at the same time, unless it is rather old and poorly maintained. In most cases, you will be able to detect the precise cause why your washer won’t drain. Troubleshooting the problem or resolving it is another matter. Most people need the help of an expert to resolve the drainage issue, or any other causal problem. Contact Capital Appliance Repair for same-day washer inspection and service in Ottawa.


Drain ; Hose

One of the most common issues is the drain. If the drain is blocked or clogged, then your washer won’t drain. The real problem could be the drain pipe or hose. The outlet could also be the issue. Both the drain hose and the outlet may also be jammed. Washers usually have the drain hose in a loop. If there is any kink in the hose, then too you would have a drainage problem.


Power, Lid Switch ; Belt

Check the availability of electricity. If there is no problem with the power supply, check the lid switch and the belt. If the lid switch is not functioning, then the washer may come to a halt. This can happen mid-cycle. The belt could also have a defect. It may be broken. These problems call for replacement of parts. Our technicians can replace parts during washer repair, at your house and on the same day.

Pump ; Control Board

All washers rely on pumps. The drainage too is dependent on proper functioning of the pump. If the pump fails to push the water out, through the hose and eventually down the drain, then you have a crisis. The pump may have to be replaced. There can be defects in the control board as well. One of the tricky realities when your washer won’t drain is the water inside the appliance. You cannot access the appliance in any manner that would lead to the water coming out and flooding your room. Our same-day service and washer repair is a convenient option.

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