Washer Won’t Run

There is a methodical approach to understand the real reason why a washer won’t run. It is imperative to abide by the stepwise approach to ensure every test is sequential. You can perform most of these checks yourself at home, provided you have the necessary tools. If you do not have the tools or are unsure about the actual cause why your washer won’t run, call Capital Appliance Repair for same-day inspection and service in Ottawa.


Power ; Connectivity Issues

Check the power outlet. A socket can go kaput. Inspect the plug and ensure it is fitted in properly. Plugs that are not fitted snugly tend to disrupt the power supply, and hence your washer won’t run. If there is nothing wrong with the power outlet or socket, the plug and the availability of electricity, you must check the cord or cable. The power cord can get damaged, and you must have it replaced. The other major connectivity issue could be the circuit breaker. Check if it is tripped and restore it before trying to run the washer.


Fuse ; Lid Switch

While the circuit breaker trips if there is a surge in power or unusual fluctuation in voltage, the lid switch and the fuse could also prevent your washer from running. Washers are designed to run only after the lid has been closed properly. The lid switch also serves as a fuse, or safety feature. Even if the door or lid is closed properly, a faulty switch can be the reason why your washer won’t run. You would need a multimeter to test if the switch is functioning as it should. Some washers have a fuse in the control panel.

Timer ; Start Switch

Multiple components in a washer form the closed circuit. If any of these components disrupt the power supply and do not work as a part of the whole, then your washer won’t run. A defective timer, a faulty start switch and other elements of the control board are integral to the entire circuit and the system. The washer will run when all the components function properly. Also, a washer won’t run when it is overheated. Our technicians can inspect all such problems and carry out on-site washer repairs in Ottawa.

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