Water Level In Washer Is Low

The water level in the washer can be low due to one of the three common occurrences. All these are fixable but you may need the assistance of a certified technician in some instances. The severity of the problem would also determine whether you can fix the issue yourself, or you must call Capital Appliance Repair to help get the job done. We provide same day washer repair, including inspection, service, preventive maintenance, and replacement of parts, anywhere in Ottawa.


Clogged Water Inlet or Valve

The water inlet is regulated by a valve. This inlet could be clogged. The valve itself could be blocked. There is a type of mesh or screen attached to the inlet that somewhat filters the incoming water. This mesh or screen can become clogged if there is too much debris. You can physically remove the debris and there should be no issue with the water inflow. However, this solution only works if the clogging is the sole reason for the water level in the washer being low.


Faulty Fill Sensor

In addition to the issue with the water inlet or valve, the fill sensor may be faulty and this will affect your routine operation. The fill sensor is responsible for triggering the system to stop further inflow of water when there is a sufficient volume inside. If the sensor is damaged or broken, then it can inadvertently trigger the system well before there is enough water, and the inlet valve will be closed. This sensor is an integral part of the whole system, and directly activates the water inlet valve and the pump. Such a situation calls for a replacement of the fill sensor.

Leak in Washer

Your washer may be leaking water. If there is a leak, either due to faulty drainage or failing sensors, then the water level would keep going down. The fill sensor would get incessant signals and the entire cycle can be disrupted. Usually, a leak is easy to spot. However, if the washer is leaking water through the drain hose, then you may not find any pooling near, around or under the appliance. Our technician can attend to these issues and conduct on-site washer repairs in Ottawa.

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